Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surprise Visitor to Boston's Ward 5 Democratic Caucus

Senator John Kerry stopped by the Ward 5 Democratic Caucus, held this morning at the First Church in Boston in the Back Bay. He is, after all, a Democrat who lives in Ward 5.

Boston Ward 5 Democratic Caucus
First Church in Boston, Back Bay
February 19, 2011
From left to right: Josh Dawson, Senator John Kerry, Josh's friend from Ohio, Sarah Wenig, George Alex, me, Jay Livingstone, Jay Youmans, Dave Greenwold.

As for the business of the caucus, the proceedings were uneventful, which is to be expected. The purpose of the caucus is to select delegates to the state convention, and this year's convention will deal with the party's overall agenda, and not any specific campaigns. To put it simply, this year is a yawner from the standpoint of statewide politics.

It was very nice to see a good group of elected officials who attended the caucus and addressed the group. In addition to Senator Kerry, we also saw State Senator (and recently engaged) Sonia Chang-Diaz, State Representatives Mary Walz and Byron Rushing, and City Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

For the record, the following delegates for Ward 5 were selected at the caucus, and will now attend the state convention in Lowell on June 4:

Female Delegates
Pat Amend
Mary Clayton-Crozier
Helen Cox
Kate Gallivan
Valerie Hunt
Kathy Judge
Yashima Pepin
Toby Rodman
Sarah Wenig
Diana Wogan
Ali Zaltman

Male Delegates
George Alex
Mike Dash
Dave Greenwold
Ross Levanto
Jay Livingstone
Pat McDonough
Rajan Nanda
Winthrop Roosevelt
Greg Timilty
Rob Whitney
Jay Youmans

Male/Female Delegate
Shelia Martin

Male Alternates
Rich Davey
Peter Flynn

Female Alternates
Fran Burke
Cheryl Cronin

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