Sunday, March 08, 2009

Surprise Call From Susan Passoni

I took a call yesterday from Susan Passoni, who is running in the special election to fill the seat held by former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi, who recently resigned.

I do not live in Sal DiMasi's former district. Susan Passoni called me because I am on Boston's Ward 5 Democratic Committee. The Committee will be considering making an endorsement in the race, since one precinct of the district is within Ward 5.

I will certainly be writing here about the race in the weeks ahead (though not as much as other races where the winner ultimately represents me. However, I thought it was pretty impressive that Susan Passoni called me, even though I am not in her district. I told her as much.

By the way, random trivia time. I appeared on "Greater Boston" (Emily Rooney's show that airs on Boston's PBS channel each night) with Susan Passoni several months ago. We discussed trash issues in Boston.

There are many declared candidates for Sal DiMasi's seat, including DiMasi's former aide Aaorn Michlewitz and Beacon Hill resident Lucy Rivera.


John Keith said...


Ross, it's great that Susan Passoni is reaching out to so many voters.

I am running for State Rep, as well, as an independent.

If I could run on the platform of "same day trash pickup", trust me, I would!

That, plus, "Cambridge Street, no, seriously, why are these bricks still piled up in the middle of the street", and, "Mr. Mayor, build us a school".

This will be an exciting and challenging race, and I am looking forward to it.

Ross Levanto said...


Thanks for the note. I look forward to meeting you in the weeks ahead. I am happy there are so many candidates, even though I don't live in the district. It makes for a better representation in the end.