Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An East Coaster Vists San Francisco

I was in San Francisco late last week for work, and I spent Friday night and Saturday visiting my good friends Nathan Wenig and Cristin Brown, who moved to San Francisco last year from Boston.

They were great hosts. On Saturday morning, they let me watch UCONN play Pittsburgh (of course, UCONN lost, which was not the best scenario). Given we were on west coast time, the game ended about 11 a.m., so we were able to go for a hike.

Everyone in San Francisco goes for hikes. It's part of the athleticism that I think is required to live there. That and an iPod. Everyone has one of those as well.

We went for a hike in Marin County and picked the Pt. Bonita Trail in Marin Headlands. On the hike I took a damn good picture (if I do say so myself) looking back at San Francisco from my Blackberry.

Pt. Bonita, Marin County, California
March 7, 2009

After the hike, we went into Sausalito and ate at Fish Restaurant.

Fish Restaurant
Nathan and Cristin in foreground
Sausalito, California
March 7, 2009

Another observation about San Francisco. There are a lot of people from the "East Coast" who live there. In fact, everyone I met was either from California, or from the "East Coast." Period. I guess that covers everywhere else. True to the east-coast heritage of many residents, there are east-coast pizza restaurants and east-coast delis.

My friend Jason Mandell (lives in San Francisco) noted to me this week that "East Coast" really means New York and New England. I can see that. Not sure if someone from Georgia would be drawn to an "east-coast deli." Maybe an east-coast peach cobbler shop, but I didn't see any of those.

Thanks to Cristin and Nathan for hosting me!

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