Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Ode to My Accountant

My taxed were filed this week by T.F. Allen & Company. I hired them last year on the recommendation of my friend Tom Hopcroft, and it was a great decision.

The accountants at T.F. Allen sent me a CD so I could review my completed return. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I could not understand the return. I can't imagine what it would have looked like if I had filled it out.

The concept of an accountant is brilliant. I make an attempt at filling out a worksheet, and then I send T.F. Allen all my paperwork. They come back with a completed return and a bill.

At the same time, the fact that I need an account to file my return is somewhat alarming. I hired T.F. Allen after my parents transferred part ownership of our family cottage in Old Lyme, Conn. (I share ownership with my other brothers and my parents.) That basic complication made my return rather complicated.

I know that tax returns are complicated to benefit many people, and I know that research can demonstrate most of those benefits go to the middle class. However, I wonder how many don't realize those benefits because they don't want to pay an accountant.


ben said...

Not sure if your post is a salute to accountants or an argument for a "flat tax".

By the way, Memphis played 3 tourney teams during the regular season - Syracuse, Xavier and the win against Gonzaga. I agree with your point that they were not a top tier team.

Ross Levanto said...


While I don't believe we should have a flat tax, I do believe we can simplify the tax code.

As for Memphis, I was listing their quality wins since January 1. They played the Cuse and Xavier last year.


Lilia Costales said...

“ returns are complicated...” - I totally agree with you. With so much work and papers to work on, it's really an advantage to have a reliable accountant at our side, especially in your case. Anyway, good thing you found an accountant to help you out on this. It's been years, I hope you're doing great. _Lilia Costales_ @