Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quotes For the Ages, Volume 1

There have been some pretty good quotes in my life over the past week or so. Here goes:

Conversation at Tampa airport last Thursday (3/5/09):

Ross to TSA Agent, "I am doing alright, how about you?"

TSA Agent, "I guess you have not seen the stock market lately?"

Ross, "No I haven't looked at my 401(k) in months."

TSA Agent, "You mean your 201(k)?"


Conversation in my company's San Francisco office last Friday (3/6/09):

Co-worker, "Oh there's a place you should go to, Ross. I think you'd like it."

Ross, "Really? What's it like?"

Co-worker, "It's kind of divey."


Commentary during the World Baseball Classic game Saturday (3/7/09):

"A base hit here would be huge for the Netherlands."

(Not something you would expect to hear.)


Commentary during last night's UCONN/Syracuse game on ESPN (3/12/09):

(At approximately 1 a.m. after five overtime periods.)

Sean McDonough, "Up next, breakfast... and then Sportscenter."


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