Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Speech That Was Never Given

Yesterday, I was elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention at a district caucus held in Braintree. The rules for the caucus allow each delegate candidate to give a two-minute speech.

Our caucus actually moved to waive speeches yesterday, so for the reading public, I am posting below the speech I would have given.

April 21, 2012

I first want to recognize my parents, Bonnie and Dave Levanto, who are here today. One fond memory I have is when I drove with them to Manchester, New Hampshire in the fall of 2008 to canvass there for then Senator Barack Obama. My mom-- I think she ended up finding more than 10 solid supporters, and secured a record-setting five requests for lawn signs. So I am hoping that most of you spoke to her today and not my dad.

Democrats, I don't need to convince you here today how important it is for President Barack Obama to be reelected. I do however, need to convince you why I would be a good delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Part of my reasoning is based on the numerous months I have spent volunteering-- in many cases shoulder to shoulder with people in this room-- for candidates and causes that represent Democratic ideals. I have coordinated downtown Boston democrats for President Obama, Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Tom Menino, Sheriff Andrea Cabral, Boston City Councilor John Connolly, and many other Democrats.

The people I talk to during these efforts are all deeply concerned about the quality of our schools, the security of our streets, and the rapidly widening income gap. In all cases, I have found that the best solutions to their concerns are in President Obama's policies.

I humbly ask for your vote today. A vote for me isn't just a vote for President Obama in Charlotte. A vote for me is a vote for values that we all share. Values reinforced by my experiences working for Democratic candidates, my experiences organizing to make my neighborhood clean, safe and green, and my experiences in the private sector representing growing companies who are changing the world we live in today. Vote for Ross Levanto to support President Obama, and vote for Ross Levanto to support our Democratic values.

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