Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hooked on Boston Media

Last year I lauded the new WCVB-TV show "On The Record," a Sunday morning local political forum. I still don't like the pop quizzes they ask their guests, but the show itself is an excellent way to learn about local political news in a non-boring way.

Well, it turns out there is other content available on the airwaves that can provide political updates, without the drab normally associated with the political theater.

Take Jim Braude and Margery Eagan. I would flip to 96.9 WTKK whenever I had to drive somewhere for lunch to listen to their noontime show, "Eagan and Braude." The only trouble was, given the show was on during lunch, I couldn't listen to it very often.

Now, the two hosts have moved to the morning, and they are on the air from 7-10 a.m. as the "Jim and Margery" show. I guess you have to to change the name of the show when you move it? Or perhaps people are too tired in the morning to respond to last names? Whatever the case, while the name is different, the show is the same.

I love their show. First off, they get along very well together and play off each other. They present a witty, funny and incisive look into local politics, as well as national issues that have local impact. Listening to Jim and Margery should have been required for all residents ahead of the recent special U.S. Senate election; the hosts were among the few to look at the substance of the race, in addition to the polling. Even more recently, the Mass. Gubernatorial candidates are recent visitors to the show.

I think Jim and Margery will do to local talk radio in Boston what Don Imus did to the same market in New York City. The hosts universally show how no matter what your political interest, politics does impact every day life. If radio talks about the politics in the context of what it means for everyday lives, people will become more politically motivated, whether they know it or not.

Beyond "Jim and Margery," I should admit I have started reading the Boston Globe more and more. Each day at the office, I read the New York Times from front to back. After my volunteer work for local political races last year, I now often read the Globe as well.

And soon I will start reading the Boston Herald as well. My good college friend was just hired as the new Red Sox beat reporter there!

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