Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boston Ward 5 Committee Officers

Last night, I was picked by fellow Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee members to be the secretary of the group for a two-year term. It was part of a very peaceful transfer of power, as Rob Whitney, the only committee chairman I have known, stepped aside.

Josh Dawson, a good friend and neighbor from the Back Bay, is the new chairman. Other officers include:
Treasurer: Greg Timilty
First vice chairman: Shelia Martin
Second vice chairman: Jay Livingstone
Executive committee members (at large): Fran Burke, Rajan Nanda, David Greenwold
Executive committee members (ex officio): Marty Walz and Kenzie Bok

As secretary, I look forward to working with Dave Greenwold, the "webmaster" of the committee's website, to continue to beef up the group's web presence. Stay tuned!

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