Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easy Christmas Presents

Madalyn wears her pearls.
Norwich, Conn.
December 25, 2009

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday season.

Each year since my niece and goddaughter, Madalyn, was one, I have purchased her an inch of pearls for an add-a-pearl necklace. Since she's now 8, the necklace is starting to have substance.

The add-a-pearl necklace was the brainchild of my friend Kim, who came to my rescue when my brother asked me to be Madalyn's godfather. The idea receives nothing but praise. Each year when I add the pearls, patrons who witness my request at the Shreve Crump & Low jeweler in Boston's Back Bay tell me how great an uncle I am.

The truth is, the add-a-pearl necklace concept is idiot proof. Even for me. I show up at the jeweler with the pearls each December, shortly after Thanksgiving, and ask them to add an inch. They re-confirm the size of the pearls, string them, an adjust the size of the chain so it will fit around Madalyn's neck. All I do is hand over my credit card.

I am told pearls are timeless, so Madalyn will find life-long use from the necklace, which will be full length when she's a freshman in college.

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