Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Coakley Won

Congratulations to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, who won Tuesday's Democratic primary and is now the party's nominee to succeed the late Senator Ted Kennedy. While I voted for Congressman Capuano, the Attorney General and the Congressman share the same stances on all the issues I care about. I will vote for Martha Coakley on January 19, and I am proud to support her and help her win the election.

I also must congratulate the Coakley campaign. I did think she would win Tuesday, but I had no idea she would win by as much as she did. The victory demonstrates to me the power of a state-wide organization and a shortened campaign. Given this was a special election, it just was too much of an obstacle for Congressman Capuano to put together the field organization necessary to challenge a state-wide office holder.

At the same time, Martha Coakley is an impressive candidate. She was criticized during the campaign for being too cool, but the reality is her record does speak for itself. She has built a career representing the interests of the Commonwealth, and she is a fellow Boston University grad.

Thanks to Congressman Capuano, Alan Khazei and Steve Pagliuca for a fine special primary season. Martha Coakley will make for a great Senator, and for that reason, the process worked.

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