Friday, January 01, 2010

The Traveled Road

I keep a calendar at my desk at work where I log, among other things, the trips I take. Yesterday, on the final day of 2009, I reviewed my travel for the year.

I spent forty-five days on the road, including eight separate trips to San Francisco. I went to Los Angeles, Tampa, Houston, Austin, Washington, and New York. Almost all of the travel was for work, save three days in Hampton, Virginia visiting my brother Brett.

I have written before about travel on this space. I do like travel, but I also like coming home. At the same time, there are a few perks of traveling that are worth mentioning.

Dulles Airport

Chantilly, Virginia

December 4, 2009

1) Experiencing local eateries. I am told there is a Five Guys burger place in Dedham, Mass., but why the heck would I go there when I can enjoy a double cheeseburger at Dulles Airport, close to where Five Guys was founded in northern Virginia. Trips to San Francisco allow for a quick stop at In-N-Out Burger before hopping on the red eye at Oakland airport.

2) Catching up with friends. One of my best friends from high school lives in Salinas, Calif. about two hours south of San Francisco. My trips sometimes allow me to catch up with old classmates, co-workers and teammates.

3) Getting to wear my Yankee gear. I have a closet-full of Yankee gear that I cannot wear in Boston. But on the road, my fellow travel companions don't seem to mind.

My first trip in 2010 is already planned, and it will bring me back to San Francisco for three days this coming week.

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