Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Supporters

Dear Friends and fellow supporters of a Democrat for President--

I need you.

I have worked with some of you on previous campaigns, from local City Council elections to trips to Manchester in 2004. I have debated politics with you. I have learned from you. You are among the most gifted, politically attuned individuals I have ever known.

I understand you are upset and frustrated. I know that many of you worked 20-hour days for Senator Clinton. You made countless phone calls and drove many, many miles.

The media did a horrible job covering this race. After an endless series of broadcasts discussing momentum one way or another (when there wasn't any), the media were quick to declare a winner. The AP couldn't announce it fast enough the Tuesday of the final primaries in South Dakota and Montana, even before the necessary endorsements were made. The horse race distracted reporters from the realities of this election-- and the fact that our party did not have a nominee until Senator Clinton decided to suspend her campaign, not a moment before.

I offer you one piece of solace: Know that Senator Barack Obama cannot win in November without each and every one of you.

And for that reason, I humbly ask again for your help. The choice this fall has never been more stark, and the ramifications have rarely been more significant. I need your help to convince the country of what course is best.

I believe strongly that the Democratic party is better off after the primary season we've just had. And I believe our strong party can now best argue that our vision for the future is better than that of the Republicans.

Now, let's get to work, together.

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