Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anna's... Finally!

Cambridge and Garden Streets, Boston
June 23, 2008

It was the end of the biggest tease in Beacon Hill restaurant history. And it ended with little fanfare.

Anna's Taqueria opened two weeks ago on Cambridge Street, at the corner of Cambridge and Garden.

My friends and I had long given up on Anna's even having a place here. The producers of the city's best burritos announced several years ago their plans for a Beacon Hill establishment. It became a constant source of frustration.

I think we all just assumed that Anna's would never show up. And then, a text message from old roomie Blake letting me know, while I was traveling, that not only was the shop open, but free burritos were given to the first day's patrons.

I have a carnitas burrito with no salsa. Very tasty.

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VR718 said...

Anna's Guacamole - one of the top 10 things I miss from Mass.