Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ross Levanto, Known Scotch Drinker

Yesterday I watched "Safe House."

During one scene, CIA agents tracking the protagonists noted another individual who had just entered the plot, a gentleman named Villar. They described him as "Carlos Villar, known document forger." One of the main characters, played by Denzel Washington, visited Villar, who happened to be an old friend, to get a new fake passport.

It got me thinking of what the CIA says about me, in that short descriptor that would follow my name. "Ross Levanto, known PR practitioner," doesn't exactly have a furtive ring to it. Maybe in Boston they would say "Ross Levanto, known Yankee fan."

One excellent point made by a good friend following the movie: If Villar is a "known document forger," why don't the police just go arrest him? I guess the whole point with the descriptor is to be known as someone who, while on the lam, is not really worth paying attention to---unless Denzel Washington shows up.

I have decided I would like to be described this way: "Ross Levanto, known Scotch drinker." And I welcome Denzel for a pour anytime.

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