Sunday, February 05, 2012

It's America's Big Party Sunday

Now I admit I like football, but really what's not to like about the Superbowl?

There's a lot of food. There are celebrities and even red carpets. Oh, and yes, there's a football game.

They say that today's game will be the most watched television event ever. And not everyone is watching for the football. There are the new commercials. Most are available online, but it still is something to see them live.

Many restaurants in Boston are having football parties, but the Superbowl is really about gathering with friends and/or family. Going to house parties where the crock pots have been on and where the betting chart is on the wall.

And then there's the halftime show.

There won't be anyone on the roads in Boston between 6 and 10 this evening. And many restaurants are closed too, including one of my favorites Panificio on Beacon Hill (which is closing at 5).

To everyone enjoying this great American holiday, I wish you the best. And since according to the Wall Street Journal some 1.25 billion chicken wings will be consumed today, does anyone have any TUMS?

Oh, and go Patriots!

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