Sunday, June 05, 2011

State Dems Gather In Lowell

Hats off to the Massachusetts Democratic Party for getting more than 3,000 fellow Democrats motivated in Lowell yesterday. The state party convention was a significant feat, given that it's not exactly a busy political year. To get people motivated, the party proposed an "action agenda." In reality, the convention essentially was a pep rally for the party faithful (myself included) to get ready for the battles that await in 2012. And it achieved that purpose very well.

It was also the chance for me to see and meet the candidates running for U.S. Senate next year against Senator Scott Brown. Each candidate was given five minutes to speak (which means each spoke for six). Among the takeaways from the convention, for me:

-- Among the Senate candidates, I thought Newton Mayor Setti Warren gave the best speech. He spoke of returning to values that Democrats care about. He also mirrored some of the themes put forth by Gov. Patrick earlier in the day, which is a good idea considering the audience.

-- Senate candidate Bob Massie has a lot of energy. He spoke before Warren. Massie also has very cool hats that say "Massiechusetts" on them. Also, one of his supporters gave me a donkey pin. Not saying I will vote for him, but at conventions, chachkis speak volumes. [And I would like to have a hat, too.]

-- Gov. Patrick gave the best speech of the day. He was able to relate the causes Democrats care about to real-world events, such as the recent tragic tornadoes that struck in central Massachusetts. Lt. Gov. Tim Murray's speech was also very good.

Overall, a good day to be a Democrat in Massachusetts. Thanks to Chairman John Walsh and the rest of his team that organized a very informative convention!

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