Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cheap Early Morning Entertainment

I went to both Red Sox/Yankees games yesterday at Fenway Park. The first was a regularly scheduled 4:10 p.m. game that was broadcast on Fox. The second started at something like 9:30 p.m.-- a game rescheduled from the night before due to rain. The strange schedule put Kim and I-- who attended the late game-- on the street at 1:30 a.m. when the nightcap finally ended.

The streets of Kenmore Square at 1:30 a.m. are quite lively. The T is pretty much closed, even though many fellow fans tried to get into the Kenmore station (signs inside Fenway advertised that extra trains would stop running at 1 a.m., before the close game ended).

First, we saw a gaggle of three young women alternatively shouting that the "Yankees s**k" and the "Red Sox s**k." Apparently they couldn't make up their mind, or they were confused by the fact that the two teams split the double header. Or maybe they just think all baseball teams s**k?

Second, we saw a separate group of women sprinting down the street in a vain effort to hail a cab. They would run ahead of us to a corner, try to flag down random cars (whether cabs or not), let Kim and I pass them, and then sprint ahead of us again, screaming, "NO ONE WILL STOP FOR USSSSSSSS!"

Third, we saw a strange display at the bus stop at the corner of Mass. Ave and Commonwealth. A group of young women were trying desperately to hold each other up. One woman was on the ground in front of the bus stop, pretty much asleep, while still smoking a cigarette. To be fair, Kim and I stopped and asked if they needed help or medical assistance. The response: "Not yet." A rather weird interchange ensued.

Finally, we saw one of those stretched hummer limos parked on Beacon Street, with a gentleman standing in the sunroof screaming "Let's gooooooo!" The driver was outside the limo, and another guy was banging on the door of a Beacon Street residence until some other man answered the door. A pretty loud argument followed. What I could surmise was the person living in the residence owed money to help pay the fare for the limo. At least that's my totally unconfirmed guess.

At that point, Kim and I found a cab of our own (at about Beacon and Fairfield, so you know how far we had to walk from Kenmore).

P.S. Very shocking to see how many revelers, especially young women, don't heed the call of the weatherman and wear appropriate clothing. It was cold out there. Yes, I am officially old.

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Girls are so dumb. Hahahaha...wait.