Monday, September 06, 2010

Life is About Taking The Sack

If I had to write a book, I would write the book "Life is About Taking the Sack."

The sack is a curious play. For those out there who are not in tune with football, it's when the defense catches up to the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. A sack is often dramatic, because the defensive linemen who tackle the quarterback are much larger than the quarterback. Sometimes, the QB gets hurt.

It's certainly bad for the offense, and good for the defense. The quarterback gets hit, sometimes hurt, and the offense loses yards. The defense gains "momentum." The offense needs to gain more yardage to keep a drive alive and keep the ball.

However, taking the sack during a game is sometimes a good idea. If a play breaks down, it's sometimes better for the QB to take the sack. He can protect himself from injury. He can protect the football and at the very least, make sure his team keeps the ball.

Sometimes in life, you have to take the sack. Because life ain't fair. Sometimes the dice come up as a seven. Some days are worse than others.

And in those cases where somehow life isn't fair to you, sometimes it's better to just let your frustrations go. It's better to not lash back out at the person who you think wronged you. In these cases, that would make the situation worse.

A few years back, I told everyone I knew that my favorite name was "Grace." And it's because I don't think people show enough grace. Grace means forgiveness. It means not blaming others, even if they are at fault. It means taking the sack to keep the football.

Make no mistake about it, taking the sack hurts on the way down. You can protect yourself, but you still might get bruised. But I have never seen a QB take a sack and then not get up again.

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