Saturday, September 18, 2010

Annmarie Connors is an Ironman, again

Some people know a person who has completed an Ironman, the special triathalon that covers 140.6 miles in the water, on the bike and via a marathon. Well, I know someone who has done two. Last weekend, I traveled to Madison, Wisc. to watch good friend Annmarie Connors finish the Ford Ironman Wisconsin. It's a race that is pretty tiring to watch, too, given it starts at dawn and finishes well after dark. Congrats, Annmarie! Also congrats to Annmarie's entire team, Dreamfar (which is based in Boston). Matt, Phil, Kaitlin, Jean... You all did it! And Boston is proud of you!

Dreamfar Ironman team (and fans): (L to R) Me, Kim, Annmarie, Jean, Jamie, Kaitlin, Joe. At the start of the Ford Ironman Wisconsin.
Madison, Wisc.
September 12, 2010

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