Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's the Problem? Look in the Mirror

There is a strong anti-incumbent mood in American politics right now. I think the problem is the American voter today is a dangerous combination of selfish, stubborn and short-sighted.

We want it all, but we don't want to do anything for it.

The government is too big and wastes too much money, yet we complain when the government doesn't have the resources to get things done.

We don't want our taxes to go up... ever. But if anyone thinks about taking away social security, we let them have it.

We want better paying jobs, but we're not willing to learn the skills to deserve them.

We care about the environment, as long as doing so doesn't cost anything.

We don't like to admit we're wrong.

When someone says something we like, we believe it even when it's not true.

Then again, we don't question what we hear anyway. Nearly one in five Americans say President Obama is a Muslim; a majority of those people say the media told them so. [President Obama is not a Muslim; he's a Christian.]

We like things presented in black and white; we don't make the effort to understand the colors in-between. One is either with us or against us; you are either right or wrong.

We care about here and now and here and now only. We are completely neglecting long-term challenges; we are passing a debt written, environmentally filthy society on to those that will follow us.

With this type of mindset, it's no wonder politicians can't do anything right. It's no wonder it's so easy to pick on anyone who's driving an agenda.

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Adam said...

I agree with your point whole heartedly, but how do you make a self indulgent populous aware of their own short sightedness? The promise of all our modern communication tools, that were supposed to bring together divergent views, seems to have done just the opposite. It's now easier then ever to stay isolated in a cocoon of self importance. I just hope the pain our polarized, selfish culture is heading towards will be short lived.