Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Half Marathon Takes A Long Time

Next month I am traveling to Madison, Wisconsin to watch my friend Annmarie compete in her second Ironman, the Ford Ironman Wisconsin. I have watched Annmarie quite a bit over the years as she's marked pretty amazing athletic achievements. I have spotted her within the thousands that run in the Boston Marathon. I drove from Atlanta to Panama City a few years back to see her complete the Ironman there.

Watching someone in an event like an Ironman or a marathon takes a long time. It takes patience, careful planning, and a little bit of luck. Along with Annmarie's roommate Kim, we have it down to a science. In Panama City, Kim and I went for two swims (one in the ocean, one in the hotel pool), had lunch, watched an entire college football game, and took at least one nap---all while Annmarie was completing just the bike portion of the Ironman.

Earlier this year, I was the one watched during a long race. It wasn't an Ironman, but I did complete the Run to Remember half-marathon in late May. Annmarie, Kim and my parents came out to watch.

Even a half-marathon can take a long time, especially if you are a spectator. My parents decided, for the sport of it, to take photos of everything they did while I was running. Here's my favorite:

Mom and Dad Levanto Finishing Breakfast
Paramount on Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston
May 30, 2010

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