Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick Check on The Lowly Red Sox

As my plane from Chicago was set to take off for Boston this past Sunday, a fellow passenger two seats over from me quipped, "It's good the Celtics are winning, since the Red Sox are horrible this year."

It makes me laugh out loud. The Red Sox are the lowly Red Sox. So, I figured I would take a look at where the Red Sox stand.

As of today, the Boston Red Sox are 38-28, ten games above .500. They have the fifth best record in the Major Leagues (there are 30 teams, overall). They would lead three other Major League divisions if they were not in the American League East.

If that means the Red Sox are "horrible," then I think New England fans need to take a breath. Or at the very least they need to talk to fans of the 18-47 Baltimore Orioles.

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