Sunday, May 31, 2009

Signature Drive Complete

The signature collection period for the young election season is complete. To get on the ballot, a candidate needs to collect a certain number of signatures on nomination papers, and the number required varies depending on the office sought.

With few exceptions, I will sign anyone's papers, even if I don't agree with their candidacy. I believe that pretty much everyone has the right to be on the ballot. This year, I didn't get the chance to sign that often, primarily because I was traveling for half of the signature phase, so I wasn't around to be stopped by candidates or their volunteers on the street.

For the record, here are the candidates for whom I did sign nomination papers:

Mayor of Boston
Mayor Tom Menino

Boston City Councilor At-Large
Ayanna Pressley
Scotland Willis

Boston District City Councilor
Councilor Mike Ross

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