Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Niece Madalyn Visits American Girl Boston

I guess I should mention that I don't have any kids. However, I have a niece and three nephews (with another nephew on the way), and being an uncle is the best job in the world.

My niece Madalyn came to Massachusetts yesterday with her parents and two brothers. Her birthday is Monday (she's turning 8), and she wantd to vist American Girl Boston (which happens to be in Natick).

American Girl is quite a franchise. For starters, everyone who went brought at least one of the American Girl dolls they owned (My brother and Madalyn's dad Mark says they'd better, given how much they spent on the dolls).

I bought Madalyn a hair brush, a pair of glasses and a hair styling. Except the items weren't for her. They were for her doll. Yep, 25 bucks to have Madalyn's doll's hair done. Pretty wild.

Things did get pretty tense at one point, as Madalyn was overwhelmed by her choices and had trouble making up her mind. She was persuaded by her brother, Jack, to think about the decision over lunch.

Madalyn Levanto at American Girl Boston
Natick, Mass.
May 16, 2009

You can hear Jack's enthusiasm for lunch in the background. No matter what Madalyn's options were, it was pretty definite that Jack thought lunch was the answer.


jennifer gabriel said...

This is hilarious. I feel so out of touch.

Ramon said...

Adorably awesome. The fact that she recognizes that indecision is bred by hunger is amazing...took me 29 years to figure that one out.