Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running for a cause

Saturday I was invited to attend a reception for the runners and patient partners participating in Children's Hospital Boston's Miles for Miracles program.

The program sponsors runners in the Boston Marathon, in return for commitment from the athletes to raise funds for the hospital.

My friends Annmarie Connors and Kim McCrossen are program participants this year. Annmarie celebrated her fifth consecutive year in the program with her patient partners, including young Savannah with whom Annmarie is pictured below.

Annmarie Connors with her patient-partner Savannah
April 18, 2009
Westin Copley Place

This was my third year attending the reception. It's a pretty moving sight-- seeing so many runners and their patients trying to do good. It's also quite inspiring-- Kim decided to get off her butt and participate this year after many years cheering on Annmarie.

It's marathon weekend in Boston, and the city is alive with activity. Spring has arrived. Good luck to Kim, Annmarie and the thousands of others running the Marathon on Monday.

Finally, kudos to Gary Tinder, who completed the Walk for Alzheimer's yesterday in Morgantown, W.V.

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Rachel F said...

Does this mean you may "get off your butt" and run next year too. ;)
Great to see you this weekend! Thanks for hanging with us. We all enjoyed it. And loving my chocolate!!!