Saturday, April 04, 2009

I am sick of Tom Brady

Dominic James, the starting point guard for Marquette's men's basketball team, fell injured in the middle of the season during a game against Big East foe Connecticut.

As I am a UCONN fan, I was watching the game. I felt for James. It's his senior season. Chances for a professional career are slight. The injury to James' foot meant, essentially, the end of his days playing organized basketball. (He did make a return for part of one game in the NCAA tournament, but he was not able to do much.)

Despite his injury, James attended every Marquette game. He sat on the bench. He cheered on his team. He gave encouragement to his young replacement, Maurice Acker.

Hmmm. An experienced player falls to an injury and then becomes the team's number one cheerleader. That's not something I am familiar with in Boston.

Because Tom Brady disappeared from Gillette Stadium when he hurt his knee this past September.

I am quickly tiring of Brady. He and his team said the decision to keep him away from the team after his injury was to avoid "a distraction," and in reality he has become a bigger distraction in the process.

The media are infatuated with the nuptuals he is sharing (or is he?) with his girlfriend. The rumor was they were engaged. Then they weren't. Then they were. Then they weren't. Then they got married. Then they didn't.

Apparently, they are getting married again today. Or something like that. I am so tired of all this. As a marketing person, it's almost as if the rumors and events are carefully planned so that Tom is always in the headlines.

I can tell you one thing. If I were him, and I had sustained an injury on the field, it would have taken the Massachusetts National Guard to keep me from my team and the stadium on game day. Even if I ended up in the box next to the coaching coordinators.

I would imagine Dominic James feels the same way. Which is why, with his career effectively ended, he was on the bench cheering on his team every day.

Happy Final Four weekend. And go HUSKIES!

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