Friday, February 20, 2009

A Tribute to Socks

Socks, the cat who roamed the halls of The White House while President Clinton was in office, died today at the age of 20 after a battle with throat cancer.

This blog is named after Socks.

As a sophomore at Boston University, I penned a column for the student newspaper, The Daily Free Press. A fan of President Clinton, I named the column "From the Desk of Socks, The White House," as I meant it to provide a refreshing observation on politics and the world, perhaps from a more caring and optimistic perspective.

I met Socks a year later in 1996 while an intern for Vice President Al Gore. He lived with President Clinton's former secretary, Betty Currie, after the Clintons left the White House.

One of the most famous felines in the world passed away today, but his column lives on.

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