Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sports Allegiances

Connecticut does not have any professional sports teams, with the exception of development teams (Hockey teams that feed pro clubs, and Division AA and AAA baseball teams). A child growing up in Connecticut typically ends up following a diverse set of pro clubs. I am no different. Below is a review of my top five allegiances.

1. UCONN Huskies. I say there's a law in Connecticut that if you grew up there and did not go to a competing school (e.g. a Big East school or Duke), you are by law a UCONN Huskies fan. (Why someone from Connecticut who rooted for UCONN at all in their lives would go to Duke is another serious matter.) UCONN men's and women's basketball is currently ranked number 1 in the country. You might as well call UCONN a pro team, given that so many of their players go on to the NBA.

2. New York Yankees. A fan since I was little and the Yankees were horrible (yes, it wasn't long ago that the Yankees were not good). Yankees fans refer to this period as the "Don Mattingly" years. You have to give me some props for remaining a Yankee fan for so long now that I have been living in Boston? P.S. I don't *hate* the Red Sox, and yes it's possible for Yankee fans to not hate the Red Sox.

3. New England Patriots. I admit I became somewhat of a bandwagon fan in the early part of this decade, but being from Conn. and a childhood fan of the 49ers, why not? Since I cannot wear Yankees attire in Boston, I have a closet full of Patriots gear.

4. Boston University Hockey. Obviously I root for all of the clubs wearing the colors of my Alma mater. Hockey is the one that usually gets the most national air time. BU hockey, by the way, won Boston's Beanpot tournament this past week and is ranked number 1 in the country.

5. Hartford Whalers. Bring back the whale! Now the Carolina Hurricanes, every Connecticut native waits for the day when they come back. How could you not like a team that has a theme song?

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