Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Denver History (scenes from the DNC)

Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado
August 28, 2008

"Celebrity" is a relative term. At the Democratic National Convention this week, I have seen many people I would call celebrities. Yesterday, I talked across the rope line with Terry McAuliffe. I thanked him for what he has done for the party and asked him to "keep up the fight."

Terry McAuliffe is a party celebrity. He's the former party chairman, and he was a key advisor to Senator Hillary's campaign. I find him to be measured and fair (also a relative term in politics). He was interviewed numerous times during the Obama-Clinton ongoing battle. Yet when I first spotted him at the event (a rally for Hillary delegates), no one around me knew who he was. I couldn't believe it. Contrast that to this morning, when I was told that Jennifer Hudson was performing tonight as part of the program leading up to Senator Obama's acceptance speech. I have no idea who she is.

Given that my roommate is a Hillary delegate, I have been spending a lot of time with the Hillary delegation. The general sense is one of Unity. All are still hurt by the fact that their candidate lost, but they all understand that it's time to support Barack Obama. The hottest button here is one that reads "Hillary supporter for Barack." That is a nice summary of the mood. I have not met a single Hillary delegate who does not intend to vote for Obama.

Yesterday, I attended the Hillary event, and then was able to secure a credential for the Pepsi Center and the evening program. My seat was a tad better than the night before (as you can tell from the pictures). Nikko let me go down into the Massachusetts delegation area for a bit to look around (that's where I took the picture above).

Bill Clinton's speech was, as one would expect, perfect, but Senator Kerry was the surprise of the night. His speech was funny and was on message in terms of countering John McCain.

Rumors abound about who is performing ahead of tonight's speech. I had heard The Boss (Bruce Springfield), but apparently he is in Boston right now moving his son into college. Bon Jovi? Sheryl Crow? We're only hours away. Even I recognize those names are, in fact, celebrities.

More photos coming soon...

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