Monday, August 18, 2008

Final Trip To Yankee Stadium

This past Saturday, I said goodbye to Yankee Stadium. I made one final trip there with my brother Mark and my nephews Jack and Frank. We watched nine innings of the Yankees eventual win over the Kansas City Royals (the Yankees needed 13 innings to earn the win).

The Yankees are building a new stadium which opens ahead of next season.

It was fitting that my brother Mark was with me, since he's the reason I am a Yankees fan. He remembers the great teams of the late 1970s, I remember the tough "Mattingly" years. Having watched quite a few Yankees games this year via a special Comcast package (InDemand) available in Boston, it was fitting that the game itself exemplified the Yankees season. The big bombers, A-Rod and others, did little; the Yankees twice left the bases loaded, and at least once had them loaded with no one out and failed to score. It took a base hit with barely anyone left in the stadium by a player who makes comparatively nothing (Brett Gardner) to win the game.

It's sad that the Yankees are building a new stadium. But the trip was a lot of fun. We toured through Monument Park. While there, Jack was able to get a real baseball; a Yankee batter during practice hit one onto the screen that protects Monument Park, and the usher gave the ball to him. I was amazed at how small Monument Park is. It looks a lot bigger on TV.

Mark, Jack and Frank (in Mark's arms) at Monument Park
Yankee Stadium
August 16, 2008

Jack also told me he had the best hot dog ever at the stadium. Granted, I have yet to buy him a Fenway Frank. Maybe next year.

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Jessie and Steve said...

I was checking the new listing for the blog I edit on Boston Online, and saw "a graduate of Norwich Free Academy" on the list. I'm class of 1990. Our overlap was brief, but hello from a fellow Democrat Wildcat who spends a lot of time on Beacon Hill.

I do not, however, condone your support of the team from the Bronx. Go Sox! :-)

Jessica Bennett