Monday, October 08, 2007

The Yankees play Cleveland tonight, down 2-1 in their ALDS series. Some observations:

-- I am not sure why they chose to start Chien-Ming Wang in game 1. Andy Pettitte has pitched better all year. Then again, if your team is not going to give you any run support, it doesn't matter.

-- The Cleveland Indians look like a better team this series. I had the same thought about Anaheim when they took a season series against the Yankees in August.

-- Joe Torre is going to resign at the end of this year, so the threat from THE BOSS about firing him really doesn't matter. Is it possible at their lunch meeting two weeks ago, Torre told THE BOSS to make the threat to pump up the boyz? Certainly there was no contract talk at that lunch, and at that point, the Yankees were about to make the playoffs, the result of Torre managing one of the best single season turnarounds ever.

In any event, Blake is coming over for our normal Monday Night Football evening, but I have informed him that the Yanks-Indians get top billing tonight (Tough for him since the Cowboys are playing).

In other news, late last week, Scott Lauber and I booked flights to Munich for a vacation in December we are calling "Jason Bourne on a budget." Essentially, we plan to fly in and out of Munich and for a week just aimlessly wander around some European cities, much in the same way Bourne does in his movies. Except were not traveling in a Mini and we can't really beat anyone up...

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Kate said...

I love these musing Ross! Hope your hand is better and make sure to send us a postcard from Munich. Go Indians.....(hey, at least I lived in Cleveland once)