Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was in London earlier this week. A couple of observations.

-- British people are very friendly. I spoke to a young couple on the British Air flight to London. They were both 24 and had just visited, among other places, Mystic, during a "holiday" in New England. We're now Facebook friends. I met a couple a few hours after landing at a small breakfast spot. The woman had never seen American money. On the way home, I met a married couple traveling to Connecticut to attend a funeral. The gentleman was thrilled the onboard meal was sausage and mash. It was very cute.

-- Everyone asked what I thought of President Bush, and all were amazed when I said most of the U.S. (including me) was not happy with him. They were equally amazed he was leader of the free world.

-- Why do they not have cream with coffee in Britain? It's all milk. Weird.

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