Saturday, September 08, 2007

Some random notes:

** I was in D.C. on Tuesday for work and managed to squeeze in an hour to see Amanda over lunch. Actually she squeezed in thirty minutes to see me. It's amazing how things get busy right after Labor Day. I had one meeting in the morning and then had a few hours before my return flight to Boston. It was the second time I had seen Amanda this year. She looked great!

** This past Sunday I went to see Jimmy Buffett at Gillette stadium. Random question: How many times do you have to see someone before you are considered a "groupie." I have seen Buffett three times now-- all three up here in Boston. I think I am right on the cusp of being considered a "groupie." Now, for Bon Jovi, there's no question. I have seen him like six times.

** At the invite of one of my clients, I signed up for Facebook a week ago. What's interested is Facebook is starting to get a lot of attention in my industry as a way to connect executives and even reporters. Reporters like it because to pitch on Facebook, you have to pitch in public. The funny part is Facebook was originally set up for college kids, so some of the features are still geared toward that audience. For example, when you become "friends" with someone, it asks you how you know your friend. One of the options is "We hooked up." 'nuff said.

I am off to a wedding today in New Hampshire as Amy Mok's escort. Annmarie and Peter are also going, and I should have pics this week to post.

Finally, a hearty welcome to everyone who moved into Boston and Beacon Hill last week. The City did a superb job throwing away trash put on the streets near my apartment fairly quickly after the trash was put out. And when you're moving in a neighborhood as small as this one, the debris is inevitable.

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