Friday, August 24, 2012

Mass. Primary September 6-- I already voted

As many of you know, I am off to Charlotte in about a week for the Democratic National Convention, where I am honored to serve as a delegate.

It a crazy twist of irony, while I am in Charlotte there will be an election in Massachusetts-- the state primary is scheduled for Thursday, September 6.

Now don't get me started on why the primary is on a Thursday. Long story short, many objected to holding the primary on September 11. The Tuesday before, is right after Labor Day, and waiting later than September 11 would interfere with religious holidays. [In case you're wondering, I think the election should be held on September 11; there's nothing more patriotic than voting!]

Since September 6 is the day President Barack Obama will address delegates in Charlotte, for the first time since moving to Massachusetts, I am voting in the primary by absentee ballot. I guess you could say it's part of my preparations for the trip to the convention.

Among the contested races on my Democratic ballot, here were my choices:

Clerk of Suffolk County, Civil Division
I voted for my friend Mike Dash, a fellow Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee member. Mike is a good guy and will be a fresh face for the office.

Clerk of Suffolk County, Criminal Division
As much as I hate to do it, I left this race blank. I don't know enough about the challenger to make a good judgement on the race.

Suffolk County Register of Probate
I voted for Sal LaMattina, the current Boston City Councilor. As many have pointed out, it's strange that this post is elected by the people, given it's not really a political office. However, I have known Councilor LaMattina for a long time as a hard working public servant. I believe he will do an excellent job in this role.

The other races on my ballot were uncontested, though for the record, I did cast a vote for Elizabeth Warren to be our next U.S. Senator.

Don't forget to vote on September 6!


mike said...

time to change the page and picture, Ross

mike said...

time to change the page and picture, Ross