Sunday, November 27, 2011

Peyton Manning is Better than Tom Brady

One of my good friends roots for the Indianapolis Colts. I won't say her name to protect the innocent. She can vouch for my allegiance to the New England Patriots. She can also vouch for my steadfast belief that Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.

Can there be any better evidence than this season? The Indianapolis Colts have yet to win a game. That's right. The Colts are through twelve weeks of the season and have pulled the infamous oh-fer. Zero wins. Eleven losses. (This post reflects today's Colts loss at home to the Carolina Panthers.)

The Colts were supposed to be a good team this year. There were supposed to compete in the AFC, potentially going deep in the playoffs. They were supposed to be contenders. And then Peyton Manning got hurt. From contender to Bad News Bears because of one player? Seems ridiculous, right? In fact, that's what has happened.

Certainly I have enjoyed the Colts season. However, the turn of fate for Indianapolis should put to rest, finally, the debate over which team's quarterback is better. What other team could have their season's chances turned so dramatically by the loss of one player?

Patriots fans should remember that it was not too long ago that Tom Brady was also injured early in the season. That was 2008. Yet the hometown Pats were able to win eleven games and just barely missed the playoffs.

The Patriots had a winning season without their quarterback. The Colts have yet to find a win without theirs. Which quarterback is better? I rest my case.

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