Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baseball is a Radio (Beach) Game

At the Cottage
Point O' Woods, South Lyme, Conn.
July 21, 2010

Pull up a beer, and it's like you are at the ballpark. I am listening to the Yankees play the Angels this afternoon while on vacation in South Lyme, Conn. I bought a cheap Radio Shack radio a few years back, and I use it to listen to games while I am on the beach (or sitting, as the case may be, at the table in the back yard of the cottage).

Baseball is a game that is paced for the radio. When I watch baseball on TV, I typically have a few things going on at once. I am paying bills. I am catching up on correspondence. The game is in the background. With a 162-game season, how could one possibly pay attention to each and every pitch?

Baseball is really the only game I can listen to on the radio. For that reason, it's tailor-made for the beach. You can hop in the water in-between innings.

For the record, the Yankees are beating up on the Angels right now.

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David said...

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