Saturday, May 01, 2010

If you don't get it, well, I just can't help you

More and more people are declaring that "People get it."

I hear it a lot at work. I talk about someone my company might want to partner with, and I hear, "A good idea; they get it." I talk about a potential political candidate I might want to help out, and my friends nod emphatically, "He gets it."

Typically, when someone says someone else gets it, I merely nod. My acknowledgement is mainly out of relief. If someone is telling me that someone else gets it, that means I must get it, too. Thanks heavens. I certainly want to be part of the club, and I am guessing that getting it is a prerequisite for membership.

To say that someone gets it means, undoubtedly, that you get it. Yet you proclaim that fact in an indirect way that makes other people want to get it as well. In truth, if you don't agree with someone else it could be that they get it, and you don't. And then you are in bigger trouble.

This weekend I will try hard to find out what it is, even though, so I have been told, I get it.

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