Thursday, June 11, 2009

Early Kudos for State Senator Chang-Diaz

The letter below was published in the Beacon Hill Times last week (June 2, 2009 issue):

It certainly has been a successful start for Beacon Hill's new State Senator, Sonia Chang-Diaz. She came to a Beacon Hill Civic Association Founders' reception a few weeks back and dazzled us with her knowledge. She understood many specifics about the state budget as well as the complicated questions surrounding regressive and non-regressive taxes.

More importantly Senator Chang-Diaz is not afraid to listen. She turned her presentation into a forum with the audience so she could hear our priorities for the district.

Given how impressive her appearance was, it is not surprising that her performance has been exceptional in the State Senate chamber. Budget battles are tough, and the recently completed budget discussions were no exception.

Senator Chang-Diaz stood up for what Beacon Hill cares about; she supported strong campaign finance measures as part of a Senate ethics bill, and she supported the local option for a meals tax, which will bring significant revenue into the city.

Kudos to Senator Chang-Diaz for a job well done.

Ross Levanto
112 Myrtle Street, Apt. 2

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