Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Super Bowl Weekend

I made the trip this morning to Sugarbush Mountain in Fayston, Vermont, and I am sitting at the kitchen table of the infamous Chipotle Ski House, owned by Scott Cullen. I met Scott several years ago when we were in a ski house together (a house aptly named "The Farm") in Waitsfield, a town just north and east of here.

On the way up from Boston this morning, I listed to NPR, which is rare for me. During this week's episode of "Only A Game," a segment discussed the recession's impact on Super Bowl weekend.

That's right, it's Super Bowl weekend, which I love. The food and football is very attractive, but I have always been impressed by how the NFL has made Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. Tomorrow I plan to attend a Super Bowl party in Boston... but I digress.

On NPR, they talked about the recent financial pinch has lowered the ticket price if one wants to attend the game in Tampa (down to $1500 from $2 grand. Yep a real bargain!). Then came a great comment by Keith Olbermann, the former sports announcer turned MSNBC host, who said, to paraphrase, that you can watch the game at home for free, which might be very important now given the economy.

It's a great point. The Super Bowl is a self-made event that can be made a party with simple food and beverage. I imagine many this year will welcome the inexpensive distraction.

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