Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week of My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgivig is by far my favorite holiday. There are several reasons why.

First, Christmas gift-giving can be as much a pain as it is a blessing. I love buying gifts for family, but sometimes I forget to buy a gift for a relative who decides to show up for dinner. While I am sure everyone understands, the stress freaks me out. There are no gifts at Thanksgiving. Which also means no debates about who got the worst gift.

Second, it's impossible to offend anyone by saying Happy Thanksgiving. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have put my foot in my mouth by saying Merry Christmas to a non-observer. Thankfully, many of those who do not observe, and have received my cheery quip, have simply accepted it and not pointed out their beliefs. I thank them for that.

Thanksiging is an American holiday. There's something under the surface that's patrioitic about it. It also celebrates our diversity. I love talking to neighbors from other parts of the country about their side dishes at Thanksgiving. Or the family Thanksgiving dessert that has been in a given lineage for generations. For my family, it's English-style fig pudding and English Bakewell tarts, courtesy of my great-grandmother's relatives.

Third, Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, so the mini-holiday-inspired vacation always begins with the holiday. You celebrate Thanksigivng, and then you have a couple days to wind down. I feel bad for those who do have to work on Friday, but most people do get that day off.

Fourth, Thanksgiving is about food and football. And when you are sick of football, you go make a Turkey sandwich. Talk about heaven.

Here's a run down of my favorite-rating on many holidays, so you get a sense of where I stand.

1. Thanksgiving (See above)

2. Fourth of July. The ultimate patriotic holiday that's also the mark of the summer and everything that comes with that season.

3. Memorial Day. Not sure how a holiday that remembers those who've made the ulitmate sacrifice could be on a list of favorites. Beyond the rememberance, this really is the official start of summer, telling everyone we made it through another winter.

4. Easter. I like the fact that the Easter meal often highlights breakfast foods. I like breakfast.

5. Christmas. Yes, way down here at number five. When Christmas falls during the middle of the week, I have to drive back to Boston from Conn. on Christmas afternoon. Let me tell you, there ain't anything open on Christmas afternoon. Quite depressing.

6. Labor Day. The end of the summer. It's nice that I am usually at the beach and the water is the warmest it's going to be during the year, but still. It was after Labor Day as a kid that school began. 'nuff said.

7. MLK Day and Columbus Day. Two holidays that I usually have off from work, but many companies I work with do not. Which means I need to stay by the computer during the day.

8. Veteran's Day, Bunker Hill Day, Evacuation Day, etc. (See number 7, except I don't get these days off from work).

9. Halloween. I admit it-- I don't like costumes. Luckily I sneak to Conn. and spend time with my neice and nephews. They are cute. Ross in a costume-- not so cute.

10. Valentine's Day. The quintessential Hallmark Holiday, in my opinion.

Safe travels this week everyone. And Happy Thanksgiving!


kate said...

What about Patriot's Day? I think as a Bostonian you have to at least mention it. Happy Thanksgiving Rosso! Hope to see you soon

jennifer gabriel said...

Bunker Hill Day was my favorite when I was in Boston because no one but City employees "celebrated" it. I felt so special.