Saturday, November 17, 2007

My thoughts from the democratic debate that happened this past Thursday.

1) I don't agree with Senator Clinton that the recent "increase" in support from the Iranian Guard is hurting Iraq. The key here is the word increase. In all my reading I am not sure if Iran's support is recent. Iran has always had influence in Iraq-- even when Saddam Hussein was in power.

2) I agree with John Edwards stance on torture, racial profiling, and the Patriot Act that he layed out to the gentleman in the audience who noted he was racially profiled all the time.

3) It is so clear that Joe Biden is your candidate if foreign policy is the biggest issue for you; Hillary Clinton is if healthcare is the biggest issue.

4) How many times do we have to be told in each debate that Senator Chris Dodd speaks Spanish? This time, he proved it to us.

5) I do agree that the honor-system-timelimit does not work.

As for me, I went into the debate leaning toward Edwards and come out leaning toward Edwards.

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