Friday, June 02, 2006

So today is my nine year anniversary at Schwartz Communications. I have been working there for nine years. Nine.

I started on June 2, 1997 as an account coordinator.

I thought today about what those nine years have meant. And perhaps more importantly, what those nine years at Schwartz Communications have meant.

Well, I would not have met Tom Hopcroft. He was the first person I met at Schwartz. He introduced me to the Paramount and to Beacon Hill.

I would not have met Kim McCrossen. She introduced me to Army football games. I wouldn't have met Kim's roommate Annmarie, or Kim's family (I was at her younger sister Kait's graduation dinner last weekend).

I would not have met Nikki Shimshock, and her picture is already in this blog.

I would not have met Akemi Tinder. Which means I would not have met AU, Smith, Alexa, or Ted Furst.

I would not have met Paul or Sarah McNeeley. After all, they met on the same day-- their first day working at Schwartz.

I would not have met Jess Fiorelli, Jon Siegal, Dan Borgasano, and the many other Schwartzers I have played softball with.

I would not have met Jason Mandell, the only other Hartford Whaler fan I know.

I guess you get the picture. That being said, it is truly amazing that I have been at Schwartz nine years. It doesn't feel like nine years, though.


I am sitting at home. It is raining outside. Blah!

My parents hosted a reception in CT a few weekends back for my brother. Luckily the rain held off... Here's a picture of the set up:

That's me with Kim and Brett's brother in-law Jennings.


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