Sunday, March 05, 2006

The temperature climbed above thirty today for the first time in a week. My very first blog coincides with New England's most depressing month of the year. March represents the thaw-- mud, dirt, leftover brown snow, dingy grass and in general a lack of color. Soon however, we will arrive at my most favorite day of the year. That day when you step outside and realize you made it. The long days of winter are behind you, and there is that distinct smell in the air. Spring is coming. I love that day, but it's never in March, which means it's more than a month away.

My friend Nikki had this pimp-n-hoe party a few weeks back, right before I turned 30. I like the photo because it proves that I really wasn't making it up when I said I had been invited to a pimp-n-hoe party. Yes, they still have those.

This week, I am back on the road, though this time not to San Francisco. I make a quick one-day trip to our nation's capital on Wednesday, and I am back in Boston Wednesday night... Of course, I head back to D.C. in a week for my brother's wedding, so you could consider this one an advance trip.

So if you keep reading you should hear about my brother's wedding, the fact that I am not married (and am 30), and the fact that I really love UCONN basketball. Being from the Nutmeg State, I share a love for the UCONN Huskies that is in fact required by law. Trust me, it's one of them blue laws they sometimes talk about. If you are from Connecticut and did not go to a competing school for college, you are by law a UCONN fan.

Right now, Texas is kicking Oklahoma's butt and making a legitimate case for a Number 1 seed.


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